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Address Genie

Improving E-commerce Delivery

During a period of significant growth we have been heavily focused on improving the quality and visibility of the services we offer to our clients, this strategy has seen us providing tracked services to some clients even where they have not been specifically requested. We firmly believe, with the continued growth of ecommerce, the quality of the delivery service offered is becoming integral to the end consumer decision making process and where possible offering these tracked services by default improves the overall consumer experience. Furthermore, utilising these premium services help to minimise delivery failure rates which in turn reduce both the number of disappointed end consumers and the associated environmental costs of returning a package and sending a replacement.

We identified a number of key issues in providing these upgraded services:

  • certain ecommerce products supplied to us for fulfilment came without any associated electronic data files.
  • where ecommerce products were supplied with electronic data files, the quality of the delivery address provided could be unreliable.
  • each service provider would require us to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data and each provider had differing data requirements.

Address Genie Introduction

Address Genie was created to provide a robust and accurate solution to the issues identified and discussed above, it incorporates a number of features which include:

  • Address Genie OCR - a user interface which is used to capture and validate address label information from any image capturing source.
  • Address Genie Bulk Process - a user interface which allows bulk processing of large address data files.
  • Address Genie Validate, Fix & Format - an address validation engine which is used to validate address components.
  • Address Genie Configure & Fix - a configuration unit allowing business rules to be inserted, amended and applied for service providers.

Address Genie Process



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